I’m Chris Saunders a Canadian home brewer who took the leap from a career in Software Development into the world of Brewing. I had been brewing at for several years and decided that it was time to take some that I enjoy doing to the next level by applying for the Brewmaster program at Niagara College. I also blog about beer at Famous Last Worts, but this will be where I’ll be documenting what I’m working on, what I’m learning and my experiences changing careers.

Currently I’m a production brewer at Arts and Science who produces beers for both Nickelbrook and Collective Arts. Along with producing gratuitous amounts of wort, I’m also spend about half my time working in the cellar and performing other beer related tasks. Aside from just making beer I’m also extremely interested in quality assurance and training.

I don’t have preferred styles to brew exactly, but would have to say that I like lower ABV beers. There is a challenge that comes with brewing lower gravity beers, and limitations force us to try different approaches. When I first started brewing I was very foolhardy when it came to building recipes and as a result made a lot of really bad beers. I’ve taken to simplifying my recipes, and some of my favourites have been those where I didn’t go over the top with anything.

If you live in the GTA or Niagara Region and are interested in brewing, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter. My brewing schedule is available online and please feel free to subscribe to it if you’d like. If you do end up coming over and it’s your first time ever brewing, hit up your local Homebrew shop and grab a 1 gallon carboy along with a lid, rubber stopper and airlock. When the brew day is over you’ll at least head home with some wort to pitch some yeast into!

Also make sure you check out the GTA Brews club on Facebook and the HOZERS mailing list. I’m active on both and there are a bunch of great brewers on there with tons of brewing knowledge to share!