Learning to Love2D


I decided to spend the evening learning another game making framework. I’m still quite happy with Game Maker though getting to see how Lua works in a fun and interesting way sounded pretty neat. Initially I was going to try making some kind of Scorched Earth clone but got all hung up on procedurally building height maps, so I took it down to something super simple; Pong.

I saw that Love2D is integrated with Box2D so I figured I could probably leverage that to make a pong game. It would take care of all the deflections for me, so I’d really just need to switch things around based on some collision information. So really, all thats happening when you hit a paddle is the gravity reverses. While it’s nothing super exciting, it does add something kinda cool to the game. Depending on how you angle your shot you can either make a really hard to hit bouncy one or might even slow it down.

I also noticed that theres a bug which *may* cause the ball to even keep it’s gravity and just come back towards you. Feel free to give it a shot, though make sure you download Love2D and with that installed you can even start making your own love games too!

Download Pong