The Library is my Coffee Shop


I recall the first time I ever really used the library for anything significant. During my 3rd year of university I needed to escape the computer science side of campus so I could sit down and focus on my assignments distraction free. For a while it worked, but I was also involved in student politics so I knew people all over. Even the other end of campus wasn't distraction free. I needed to get somewhere I could camp out with my head down and get some work done. It was around then that I figured it was time to step into the library. They're supposed to be quiet and intended for study, so I gave it a shot. That was where I discovered the study desks reserved for graduate students on the top floors. I had finally found my Oasis!

Fast forward a few years and I was working for real from coffee shops and co-working spaces. These were good spots to work from but they are loaded with distractions; something I don't cope with very well. With a coffee shop people are constantly entering or leaving, people are having conversations, the internet expires every hour or is of disturbing quality, the list goes on. Co-working spaces sometimes suffer from the same problem plus you now have technically minded people talking about stuff too!

So here I am hiding in a public library in my study desk blocking out as many distractions as possible while hacking on some code. It's liberating to be able to stare forward and not accidentally make eye contact with a stranger or get distracted by someones erratic hand motions in my periphery. As an added bonus I don't need to worry about being kicked out since it's a public space for anyone to use for however long they want.

Perhaps next time you're looking for a place outside of the office or home to work, head over to your local public library and give it a try.