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Phoenix: Cross-Platform Theme Utilities for Shopify built with Go

When it comes to programming, my go to project has been Shopify theme synchronization. As the active maintainer of the shopify_theme gem, I’ve been dealing with some interesting and exhausting issues, some of which are easier to solve than others.

The design of the theme gem leaves a lot to be desired and adding new features has become harder and harder. Another problem I’ve noticed with many of the people trying to use it has been how difficult it is to install across various platforms. Believe it or not, but there’s a decent number of designers on the Windows platform, and getting the Ruby and shopify_theme working on their system is a journey.

In my spare time I’ve been learning the Go programming language over the last year where I’ve built some toys and tried my hand a crappy rogue-like. Along the way I made lots of mistakes and the designs were terrible, but it was a learning experience.

With the lessons I’ve learned from those projects and from reading some good articles on structuring Go projects I dove into building what I hope will be the theme development tool.  Currently the project isn’t fully in line with the Ruby version, though I do feel that it has enough features to be useful for someone looking to build a theme. Those features are:

If you are a Go programmer and are interested in sharing your insights, I’d love to hear from you. I’m very green and would love some feedback on how to improve the project.

If you are a theme designer, please let me know that you are interested in the project. I’ll work on getting builds out for the various systems as soon as possible!

Check out the project on Github!